The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is also a “multidisciplinary team” composed of experts, winemakers , journalists , communication officers, dedicated to the world of wine.

Baudouin Havaux
Baudouin HavauxChairman of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Thomas Costenoble
Thomas CostenobleDirector Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Géraldine Gérard
Géraldine GérardCommunication with producers
Stefania Manfredi Basso
Stefania Manfredi BassoEvent Coordinator (Contact with Tasters)
Selvaggia Oricchio
Selvaggia OricchioTravel Coordinator
Jill Loridon
Jill LoridonCommunication with producers
Valentina Phillips
Valentina PhillipsPress & Public Relations
Charles Piron
Charles PironCommunity Manager
Angelica Ibarra
Angelica IbarraGraphic Designer
Marcelo Confalonieri
Marcelo ConfalonieriLogistics
Didier François
Didier FrançoisAccounting
Quentin Havaux
Quentin HavauxSponsors Relations
Frederic Poll
Frederic PollIT

Our Ambassadors

Karin Meriot
Karin MeriotItaly
Frédéric Galtier
Frédéric GaltierSpain
Patricia Marques
Patricia MarquesPortugal
Thomas Brandl
Thomas BrandlGermany, Austria and Eastern Europe.
Meglena Mihova & Christophe Sepulveda
Meglena Mihova & Christophe SepulvedaBulgaria
Jean-Vincent Ridon
Jean-Vincent RidonSudáfrica
Veronika Segura
Veronika SeguraChile
Mia Zhang
Mia Zhang China
Jing Zhao
Jing Zhao China