The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is also a “multidisciplinary team” composed of experts, winemakers , journalists , communication officers, dedicated to the world of wine.

Baudouin Havaux
Baudouin HavauxChairman of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
Chairman of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and managing director of Vinopres, Baudouin Havaux is an agricultural engineer and a trained wine maker. He took over Vinopres, the communications agency founded by his father Louis Havaux, in 1994. He is the publisher of Essentiel Vino! and DM Vino! and is a journalist with ‘La Libre Belgique’ and RTBF.
Thomas Costenoble
Thomas CostenobleDirector Concours Mondial de Bruxelles
An agricultural engineer and trained wine maker, Thomas Costenoble has managed the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles virtually since its inception. His training as a wine maker gives him in-depth knowledge of the industry and allows him to organize the competition’s tasting sessions seamlessly and efficiently.
Géraldine Gérard
Géraldine GérardCommunication with producers
Géraldine Gérard speaks French, English and Dutch and has worked for the competition since 2001. She liaises with producers, from entries through to results dispatch
Stefania Manfredi Basso
Stefania Manfredi BassoEvent Coordinator (Contact with Tasters)
Valentina Phillips
Valentina PhillipsPress & Public Relations
Marcelo Confalonieri
Marcelo ConfalonieriCharge of logistics
Angelica Ibarra
Angelica IbarraGraphic and web designer
Didier François
Didier FrançoisAccounting

Our ambassadors

Anne Serres
Anne SerresFrance
Karin Meriot
Karin MeriotItaly
Frédéric Galtier
Frédéric GaltierSpain
Patricia Marques
Patricia MarquesPortugal
Thomas Brandl
Thomas BrandlGermany, Austria and Eastern Europe.
Constantin Stergides
Constantin StergidesGrèce