Judges smelling white wines
Médaille du Sauvignon Selection by CMB


During blind tasting sessions, exclusively professional judges assess the wines with integrity for their quality, expression and balance.

Acevedo Daniel
Acevedo Daniel Mexico
Adams Carrie
Adams Carrie South Africa
Aggarwal Karina
Aggarwal Karina India
Alonso Castaño Andrea
Alonso Castaño Andrea Spain
Álvarez Pilar
Álvarez Pilar Mexico
Alves Luca
Alves Luca Italy
Amor Marquez Andrés
Amor Marquez Andrés Mexico
Andrieu Christophe
Andrieu Christophe France
Ang Clinton
Ang Clinton Singapore
Antunes Bruno
Antunes Bruno Portugal
Arias Ana Maria
Arias Ana Maria Mexico
Arnould Frédéric
Arnould Frédéric Canada
Arora Subhash
Arora Subhash India
Arraiza Elena
Arraiza Elena Spain
Arturaola Charlie
Arturaola Charlie United States
Atristain Angelica
Atristain Angelica Mexico
Aumand Jusden
Aumand Jusden United States
Baila Ferreira Luis
Baila Ferreira Luis Portugal
Barišić Josip
Barišić Josip Croatia
Barros Marc
Barros Marc Portugal
Beck Harald
Beck Harald Austria
Beghin Xavier
Beghin Xavier Belgium
Bhatia Gurvinder
Bhatia Gurvinder Canada
Bitanga Ana
Bitanga Ana Croatia
Bonvin Marjorie
Bonvin Marjorie Switzerland
Boschman Eric
Boschman Eric Belgium
Bouchard Anais
Bouchard Anais France
Bown Segura Veronika
Bown Segura Veronika Chile
Brandl Thomas
Brandl Thomas Germany
Bratinčević Ivan
Bratinčević Ivan Croatia
Bretón Blanca
Bretón Blanca Mexico
Brière Hortense
Brière Hortense France
Brookes David
Brookes David Australia
Brunin Julien
Brunin Julien Belgium
Bruno Martin
Bruno Martin Argentina
Brunton John
Brunton John United Kingdom
Bucari Bryan
Bucari Bryan United States
Buch Barris Sandra
Buch Barris Sandra Spain
Bujanda Cirauqui Pedro
Bujanda Cirauqui Pedro Spain
Burtschy Bernard
Burtschy Bernard France
Buteau Samuel
Buteau Samuel France
Calow Maryna
Calow Maryna South Africa
Cantarutti Antonella
Cantarutti Antonella Italy
Cardenas Luis
Cardenas Luis Mexico
Carlin Michelle
Carlin Michelle Mexico
Casanova Vera
Casanova Vera Portugal
Cásares Gerardo
Cásares Gerardo Mexico
Ceafalau Valentin
Ceafalau Valentin Romania
Chacana Carvajal Camila
Chacana Carvajal Camila Chile
Charrière Laurent
Charrière Laurent France
Château Christophe
Château Christophe France
Checkley Marc
Checkley Marc New Zealand
Chirita Otilia
Chirita Otilia Romania
Christensen Rasmus
Christensen Rasmus Denmark
Chung Suzie
Chung Suzie South Korea
Cianca Mattia Antonio
Cianca Mattia Antonio Italy
Cibotaru Andrei
Cibotaru Andrei Moldova
Cipolla Matteo
Cipolla Matteo Italy
Clot Garrel Marta
Clot Garrel Marta Spain
Coenders Petrus
Coenders Petrus Netherlands
Concas Angelo
Concas Angelo Italy
Contreras Navarro Jose Luis
Contreras Navarro Jose Luis Spain
Convertini Gennaro
Convertini Gennaro Italy
Cortés Sergi
Cortés Sergi Spain
Cotea Valeriu
Cotea Valeriu Romania
Coutton Julie
Coutton Julie France
Cowez Thierry
Cowez Thierry Belgium
Cuomo Andrea
Cuomo Andrea Italy
Cupido Jonna
Cupido Jonna Netherlands
Dalla Longa Grégory
Dalla Longa Grégory France
Damjanić Ivan
Damjanić Ivan Croatia
Danielou Emmanuel
Danielou Emmanuel France
De Almeida Maria João
De Almeida Maria João Portugal
De Bodinat Tanguy
De Bodinat Tanguy France
De Leeuw Peter
De Leeuw Peter Belgium
De Maere Jonas
De Maere Jonas Belgium
De Simone Michael
De Simone Michael United States
de Winter Christian
de Winter Christian Belgium
del Castillo Raquel
del Castillo Raquel Mexico
Delacote Stephane
Delacote Stephane France
Dhondt Patrick
Dhondt Patrick Belgium
Dominguez Oscar
Dominguez Oscar Mexico
Dorey Alicia
Dorey Alicia France
Dorignac Etienne
Dorignac Etienne France
Douglas DipWSET Peter
Douglas DipWSET Peter Germany
Duarte Maria Helena
Duarte Maria Helena Portugal
Dufféal Jan
Dufféal Jan Switzerland
Dugo Carlo
Dugo Carlo Italy
Eberenz Walter Richard
Eberenz Walter Richard Germany
Ellul Sylvie
Ellul Sylvie France
Enoteche terraneo Andrea
Enoteche terraneo Andrea Italy
Ercsey Daniel
Ercsey Daniel Hungary
Eren Irem
Eren Irem Turkey
Escalante Karla
Escalante Karla Mexico
Favre Nathalie
Favre Nathalie Switzerland
Felez Christophe
Felez Christophe France
Fernandez Sandra
Fernandez Sandra Mexico
Fleuri Frederic
Fleuri Frederic France
Flores Marcos
Flores Marcos Mexico
Floris Fabio Aurelio
Floris Fabio Aurelio Italy
Fuentes Eneida
Fuentes Eneida Mexico
Gajdos Jiri
Gajdos Jiri Czech Republic
Gallegos Barcenas Ana Bertha
Gallegos Barcenas Ana Bertha Canada
Galvan Ivan
Galvan Ivan Mexico
Garcia Balam
Garcia Balam Mexico
Garcia Maximino
Garcia Maximino Spain
Garcia Brull Oscar
Garcia Brull Oscar Spain
Garcias Pedro
Garcias Pedro Portugal
Garnier Nicolas
Garnier Nicolas France
Garrido Marcos Benigno
Garrido Marcos Benigno Spain
Garza Valentina
Garza Valentina Mexico
Garza Rafael
Garza Rafael Mexico
Gasiorek Pawel
Gasiorek Pawel Poland
Gentile Giuseppe
Gentile Giuseppe Italy
Geönczeöl Attila
Geönczeöl Attila Hungary
Georgopoulos Gerasimos
Georgopoulos Gerasimos Greece
Giunta Cinzia
Giunta Cinzia Italy
Gleitman Itay
Gleitman Itay Israel
Gómez Luis
Gómez Luis Mexico
Gómez Baruch
Gómez Baruch Mexico
González Sergio
González Sergio Mexico
Grippo Luca
Grippo Luca Italy
Grohne Solveig
Grohne Solveig Germany
Guibert Matthias
Guibert Matthias France
Gutiérrez Zamora Fernanda
Gutiérrez Zamora Fernanda Mexico
Guzmán Luis Fernando
Guzmán Luis Fernando Bolivia
Györffy Zoltan
Györffy Zoltan Hungary
Hebert Yohann
Hebert Yohann France
Herceg Zvonko
Herceg Zvonko North Macedonia
Hill Will
Hill Will United Kingdom
Horkey Matthew
Horkey Matthew United States
Horning Johan
Horning Johan Switzerland
Hulot Mathilde
Hulot Mathilde France
Hurren Louise
Hurren Louise United Kingdom
Iamandi Stefan
Iamandi Stefan Moldova
Iontcheva Katia
Iontcheva Katia Bulgaria
Ivanova Kristina
Ivanova Kristina Bulgaria
Jagatić Korenika Ana-Marija
Jagatić Korenika Ana-Marija Croatia
James Claude
James Claude Japan
Jantzen Birte
Jantzen Birte France
Jáuregui Miguel
Jáuregui Miguel Mexico
Jenssen Jeffrey
Jenssen Jeffrey United States
Jimenez Javier
Jimenez Javier Austria
Jimenéz Mauricio
Jimenéz Mauricio Mexico
Jose – Coutinho Anibal
Jose – Coutinho Anibal Portugal
Joss Nicolas
Joss Nicolas Switzerland
Junguitu José Ignacio
Junguitu José Ignacio Spain
Jurkhadze Ketevan
Jurkhadze Ketevan Georgia
Karagiannis Sotiris
Karagiannis Sotiris Greece
Kelly Josh
Kelly Josh United Kingdom
Kielmayer Kristian
Kielmayer Kristian Hungary
Kirschenmann Erin
Kirschenmann Erin United States
Knee Jamie
Knee Jamie United States
Krstačić Marko
Krstačić Marko Croatia
Kvelaidze Tamta
Kvelaidze Tamta Georgia
Lagauw Giovanni
Lagauw Giovanni Belgium
Lambert Daniel
Lambert Daniel United Kingdom
Langmann Stefan
Langmann Stefan Austria
Lapp Eloïse
Lapp Eloïse France
Lassegue Miguel
Lassegue Miguel France
Lasseigne New Aimée Suzanne
Lasseigne New Aimée Suzanne United States
Laveaga Antonio
Laveaga Antonio Mexico
Le Pollès Goulven
Le Pollès Goulven France
LeBlanc Caroline
LeBlanc Caroline Canada
Lescieur Padilla Gloria
Lescieur Padilla Gloria United States
Li Demei
Li Demei China
Liégeois Stephane
Liégeois Stephane Belgium
Lim Tyler
Lim Tyler Malaysia
López Facorro Paadin Alejandro
López Facorro Paadin Alejandro Spain
López Paadín Luis José
López Paadín Luis José Spain
Loze Benjamin
Loze Benjamin France
Madero Joaquín
Madero Joaquín Mexico
Magalhães André
Magalhães André Portugal
Mahé de Berdouaré Nicolas
Mahé de Berdouaré Nicolas Norway
Maldonado Miguel
Maldonado Miguel Mexico
Malhotra Nimmi
Malhotra Nimmi Singapore
Manjon Estela Salvador
Manjon Estela Salvador Spain
Marchetto Giambattista
Marchetto Giambattista Italy
Marinelli Claudia
Marinelli Claudia Italy
Markov Yuri
Markov Yuri Bulgaria
Maršić Mislav
Maršić Mislav Croatia
Martin Mickey
Martin Mickey United States
Martins João Paulo
Martins João Paulo Portugal
Massicot Sébastien
Massicot Sébastien France
Matos Jorge Alberto
Matos Jorge Alberto Spain
Mavor Dave
Mavor Dave Australia
Mazza Fabio
Mazza Fabio Italy
Mazzeo Jacopo
Mazzeo Jacopo United Kingdom
McClung Antony
McClung Antony United States
Melchiskey Stephen
Melchiskey Stephen United States
Mendoza VIcente
Mendoza VIcente Mexico
Meré Pilar
Meré Pilar Mexico
Merlini Davide
Merlini Davide Italy
Micelli Alessandro
Micelli Alessandro Italy
Mirošević Nikola
Mirošević Nikola Croatia
Mladenova Lilyana
Mladenova Lilyana Bulgaria
Monteiro Luma
Monteiro Luma Brazil
Montoya Carlota
Montoya Carlota Mexico
Moraga Eduardo
Moraga Eduardo Chile
Morones Lopez Luis Antonio
Morones Lopez Luis Antonio Mexico
Mucalo Ana
Mucalo Ana Croatia
Muradyan Zaruhi
Muradyan Zaruhi Armenia
Nacif Alberto
Nacif Alberto Mexico
Nagel Sharon
Nagel Sharon United Kingdom
Najera Miriam
Najera Miriam Mexico
Nates Antonio
Nates Antonio Mexico
Nava Wilton
Nava Wilton Mexico
Nedelea Sergiu
Nedelea Sergiu Romania
Nemeth Agnès
Nemeth Agnès Hungary
Nicanor Oscar
Nicanor Oscar Mexico
Nishida Megumi
Nishida Megumi Japan
Nolasco Christian
Nolasco Christian Mexico
Núñez Miriam
Núñez Miriam Mexico
Ochoa Vega Susana
Ochoa Vega Susana Mexico
Ognibene Salvatore
Ognibene Salvatore Italy
Olvera Mónica
Olvera Mónica Mexico
Orgaz Manuel
Orgaz Manuel Mexico
Orlotti Giovanni
Orlotti Giovanni Italy
Ossorio González Pablo
Ossorio González Pablo Spain
Pacelli Laura
Pacelli Laura Italy
Padovani Giammaria
Padovani Giammaria Italy
Palacios García Antonio Tomás
Palacios García Antonio Tomás Spain
Palej Yoann
Palej Yoann France
Parrodi Carlos
Parrodi Carlos Mexico
Paternò Giovanni
Paternò Giovanni Italy
Patraquim Gonçalo
Patraquim Gonçalo Portugal
Pavelescu Diana Laura
Pavelescu Diana Laura Romania
Pedroza Miguel
Pedroza Miguel United States
Perez Shyntia
Perez Shyntia Mexico
Petersen Jan
Petersen Jan Sweden
Pinevich-Todoriuk Olga
Pinevich-Todoriuk Olga Ukraine
Pinto Pedro
Pinto Pedro Portugal
Pipon Elodie
Pipon Elodie France
Piubello Alessandra
Piubello Alessandra Italy
Porras Nathalie
Porras Nathalie Colombia
Pouzalgues Nathalie
Pouzalgues Nathalie France
Poveda Daniel
Poveda Daniel Spain
Pradelle Thibault
Pradelle Thibault France
Prša Ivan
Prša Ivan Croatia
Pucek Martin
Pucek Martin Czech Republic
Rakuljić Ema
Rakuljić Ema Croatia
Reuterdahl Magnus
Reuterdahl Magnus Sweden
Revel Guenael
Revel Guenael Canada
Richard Natalie
Richard Natalie Canada
Richaud Patrick
Richaud Patrick Mexico
Ridon Jean-Vincent
Ridon Jean-Vincent South Africa
Riera Pi Anna
Riera Pi Anna Spain
Riley Felix
Riley Felix Australia
Riviello Mirell
Riviello Mirell Mexico
Rodriguez Dirk
Rodriguez Dirk Belgium
Roiha-Jokinen Riikka
Roiha-Jokinen Riikka Finland
Rossi Alessandro
Rossi Alessandro Italy
Roufas Venia
Roufas Venia Greece
Ruperto Michele
Ruperto Michele Italy
Salazar Georgina
Salazar Georgina Mexico
Salimbeni Leila
Salimbeni Leila Italy
Salinas Angel
Salinas Angel Mexico
Salvo Luigi
Salvo Luigi Italy
Sanchez Guadalupe
Sanchez Guadalupe Mexico
Santander Laura
Santander Laura Mexico
Santoso Susy
Santoso Susy Singapore
Sawyer Christopher
Sawyer Christopher United States
Scalacci Roberto
Scalacci Roberto Italy
Scarcelli Francesco
Scarcelli Francesco Italy
Scavo Julia
Scavo Julia Romania
Schoovaerts Philippe
Schoovaerts Philippe Belgium
Schumann Janek
Schumann Janek Germany
Schwander Knut
Schwander Knut Switzerland
Sciarrini Marco
Sciarrini Marco Italy
Scivetti Vincenzo
Scivetti Vincenzo Italy
Secolo Angelo
Secolo Angelo United States
Sentíes Karla
Sentíes Karla Mexico
Šestanović Davor
Šestanović Davor Croatia
Smiciene Jolanta
Smiciene Jolanta Lithuania
Smith Kathleen
Smith Kathleen Canada
Smullen Jean
Smullen Jean Ireland
Sousa António
Sousa António Portugal
Sparks George
Sparks George United States
Spasovski Slobodan
Spasovski Slobodan Serbia
Spiranec Sasa
Spiranec Sasa Croatia
Spooner Leah
Spooner Leah Canada
Stassi Walter
Stassi Walter Italy
Stelzig Matthias
Stelzig Matthias Germany
Stergides Constantin
Stergides Constantin Greece
Strzyżys Violetta
Strzyżys Violetta Poland
Tajima Yannick
Tajima Yannick Belgium
Takahashi Yoshiko
Takahashi Yoshiko Japan
Tamburini Barbara
Tamburini Barbara Italy
Tapia Patricio
Tapia Patricio Chile
Tenison Valeria
Tenison Valeria Russian Federation
Terceno Juan Manuel
Terceno Juan Manuel Spain
Teremetz Daphne
Teremetz Daphne United Kingdom
Terrazzino Calcedonio
Terrazzino Calcedonio Belgium
Tierno Conde Cristina
Tierno Conde Cristina Spain
Tiwari Rojita
Tiwari Rojita India
Tomić Janica
Tomić Janica Croatia
Tuđen Tomislav
Tuđen Tomislav Croatia
Turazza Alessio
Turazza Alessio Italy
Udsen Ole
Udsen Ole Denmark
Vago Valentina
Vago Valentina Italy
Valderrabano Johan Manuel
Valderrabano Johan Manuel Mexico
Van Boxstael Hector Paul
Van Boxstael Hector Paul Belgium
Van den Abeele Stefaan
Van den Abeele Stefaan Belgium
Vanel (Vanhellemont) Marc
Vanel (Vanhellemont) Marc Belgium
Vanhorenbeeck Dirk
Vanhorenbeeck Dirk Netherlands
Vaqueiro Lopes Margarida
Vaqueiro Lopes Margarida Portugal
Vega Raúl
Vega Raúl Mexico
Velez Ramon
Velez Ramon Mexico
Verbeek Barbara
Verbeek Barbara Netherlands
Vicens Eva
Vicens Eva Spain
Vicens Anna
Vicens Anna Spain
Vieira Rubina
Vieira Rubina Portugal
Viotti Eduardo
Viotti Eduardo Brazil
Vunderink Bart
Vunderink Bart Netherlands
Walkey Christopher
Walkey Christopher United Kingdom
Wolbers Nicole
Wolbers Nicole Germany
Yang ZhengJian
Yang ZhengJian China
Zandbergen Juliette
Zandbergen Juliette Netherlands
Zarate David
Zarate David Mexico
Zazueta Adriana
Zazueta Adriana Mexico
Zeferino Valeria
Zeferino Valeria Portugal
Zemljic Darja
Zemljic Darja Slovenia
Zhan Jicheng
Zhan Jicheng China
Zhang Jing
Zhang Jing China
Zhong Ruilin
Zhong Ruilin China
Zhu Lili
Zhu Lili China