Rosé Wines Session

from 20 to 22/03/2024

Important dates

Opening date for registration 19/09/2023
Closing date for registration 28/02/2024
Deadline for sending samples 28/02/2024
Competition dates from 20 to 22/03/2024
Results 28/03/2024


Registering on line is the easiest way to enter your products. Entries will only be processed and samples tasted when the application pack has been completed and the entry fees paid. If you are entering for the first time, we will send a username and password to access your account.

Registration document

Registration confirmation

Your registration will be confirmed :

  1. Completed entry form per wine entered
  2. An analysis certificate* issued by an accredited laboratory or by a competent laboratory in conformity with the laws of the country or certified by an oenologist in charge of the wine cellar
  3. Artwork of the label or a temporary mock-up for each entry
  4. Payment for entry in the competition by credit card, or proof of a bank transfer

Organisor : CMB - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Shipping of samples

Send 3 labelled bottles of each entry to the following address, as well as a pro forma invoice stating ‘Samples of no commercial value – Concours Mondial de Bruxelles’ – to avoid paying customs clearance fees.

If you want to see the platform possible for your country, please, follow the link here. (choose your language, then the session that interests you.) If there isn't any platform specific for your country, please send your wines directly to Belgium)

Vinopres - CMB Rosé Session

Rue de Mérode 60
1060 - Bruxelles

Contact : Géraldine Gérard, +32 478 21 27 32,

Entry fees

Entry fees start at €185 per sample, with a discount from two entries onwards.

Sample Price
1 185,00 €
2 366,00 €
3 543,00 €
4 716,00 €
5 885,00 €
6 1056,00 €
7 1225,00 €
8 1376,00 €
9 1530,00 €
>=10 168,00 € / échantillon

The fees must be paid on registration. If the cost of registration has not been received for a product, it will not be allowed to take part..
Payments can be made by :

  • Visa/Mastercard or American Express credit card
  • Bank transfer - Please note: Exclusive bank account from September 1, 2023
    Vinopres - Bank : BNP Paribas Fortis Belgique - IBAN : BE24 2710 0451 1138 - BIC : GEBABEBB

For Belgium-based companies: add 21% VAT

For EU-based companies outside Belgium: there is no VAT, please provide your intra-community VAT number.

For companies based outside the EU: there is no VAT.

Terms & conditions

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