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Participate in Wine Paris

Oct 20, 2022
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Participate in Wine Paris

To help you promote your winery and your award-winning wines, Concours Mondial is offering you the opportunity to take part in Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris from 13 to 15 February 2023 under the competition’s banner.

Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris is an exhibition that has been constantly growing and broadening its reach, providing some great marketing opportunities.

Equally as important, it is also the first major event in the 2023 wine and spirits trade calendar and February is a key time of year for international buyers.

Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris is investing in its 4th exhibition to attract even more producers from France, Europe and around the world, but more importantly, to act as a magnet for buyers from across the globe.

Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris is also a hotbed of innovative concepts, new trends and ideas shaping the industry’s future success and Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is a part of this momentum.

Your award-winning wine makes you eligible to take part in this must-attend exhibition on the collective Concours Mondial pavilion where you will obviously be able to present your entire range.

By being a part of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles pavilion, you will benefit from enhanced visibility and collective communications targeting international trade members and opinion-leaders.

The turnkey area we can provide you with enables you to welcome your existing and potential customers in the best possible conditions and to tap into our network of French and foreign industry members to whom we promote the event.

The collective stand can host up to 30 award-winning producers from the 2021 and 2022 Concours Mondial de Bruxelles competitions (irrespective of the session) and the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon.

For the 2023 exhibition, the Concours Mondial pavilion will be located in the international hall which means that you will be placed at the heart of international and French business.

For the 2023 exhibition, the Concours Mondial pavilion will be located in the international hall. Its suspended sign makes its highly visible from a distance. The hall is reserved for international wines, placing you at the heart of French and international business.

The cost of the space is €3,780 and includes:

  • An equipped stand with a Participate in Wine Pariscounter/countertop display and a stool
  • A shared storage area
  • Signage for your company
  • A presentation sheet of your award-winning wine(s)
  • Refrigerators
  • Glass and ice service

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Oct 20, 2022
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